Speak Up!

“Have you ever had the feeling of not being able to speak up in front of people, even if they are your friends?”

You might be afraid of how people judge you, that they might disagree or even ignore you, and so you have problems to speak up for yourself. You sort of accepted what others offered and settled down. However, deep in your heart you know what you want and really want to fight for it. Especially for teenagers, peer pressure is never easy to come across, and the same issue happens to me. I’ve never really talked about myself here but these days I realized only by revealing the real me will I really present an authentic inspiration to my readers and meanwhile build up my confidence.

A few weeks ago, I was in London for a business presentation and from there, not only did I take away the skills to present but also I found where my voice is. As a teenager girl, I never find any problems making friends but sometimes I do find it very difficult to speak up for my own opinion. The fear to be denied blocks me from showing myself.

“Caring too much of what others think about you ultimately turn you into Nothing.”

Throughout the practice sessions, I faced my obstacle and found the key to pitch a powerful presentation – confidence. At the beginning, I prepared a lot, knew my idea thoroughly, and practiced various times. yet, there was just something missing. I was afraid my audience, also my peers, my competitors, would judge my idea and think we were nerds. However, after a discussion to my partner and also reflected on my own, I realized a few things, which also applied to my personal life.

Having confidence is to understand your value. Why would you care about how other people think about you especially when you know that they barely know you in person? People judge anyways and there’s no point to change yourself for them. Sometimes people didn’t take action to accomplish their goals simply because they worry how people might think of them. Don’t kill your success before you even try.

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

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