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Have you ever wanted to stand on top of the world and be powerful so that you can  change it?

You’re definitely not alone.

I used to think social contribution is something for big companies and something governments advocate just for fun, but a big pivot just hit me as a girl was sharing ideas about her project.

Her name was Emilia, a very savvy and eloquent young woman. One day during her visit to Mid Town, Manhattan in her pink summer dress, she found herself getting loads of attention. She also noticed all the pedestrians were wearing either black or white, colorless.

“Isn’t NYC supposed to be a very vibrant city full of variety?”she wondered.

And so, there she came up with her “Color Project”. The idea was to encourage the businessman and woman to wear some small bright accessory with them , such as a red scarf,  a yellow suit tie, some blue nail polish, etc. It aimed at coloring up the city and bringing smiles and cheers on everyone’s face.

Before Lifetchen, I’ve been thinking about a project for over a year, and when I heard the idea of spreading happiness, I was totally impressed. “The Color Project” isn’t something so unique that can bring a revolution like Jobs did; however it will influence people a lot, still. By such a simple rationale-hanging smiles on people’s faces- it can indeed become the most successful idea. Last time, I learnt that leadership is to influence and change the world, ain’t social contribution one of them?

“Only by giving will you really gain.”

It works for life philosophy, and so does it works for business. We present our point of views on a variety of issues to inspire and help you find the drive to fight for your dreams. We all have the time when we feel like doing nothing other than being on our phones and beds, yet meanwhile we all have the small voices in minds that remind us the dreams we have. Therefore, our notion is to assist everyone find back the drives to achieve your goals, either small or big ones. Don’t let the little laziness take over your dreams!IMG_3493




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  1. zaw than htun says:

    what a young girl who inspire to have such a big dream !try hard

    1. Lifétchen says:

      Thanks so much for your comment! It really motivates me to continue:)

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