If It’s Still in Your Mind, It’s Worth Taking the Risk.

A featured inspirational story shared by Emma Taub- how did she become a ballerina and what motivates her on the way?

“Everybody needs a passion. Something that drives them, makes them strive to be better than the person they were yesterday.

That is what dance is for me. I would be lying if I said it was easy and came naturally. There is nothing natural about classical ballet. You strive for a line, a step, a turnout, an arch that isn’t humanly possible, yet you still work every day to try and achieve perfection.

When I started the dance, I didn’t anticipate how much I would love it. I was immediately inspired by my teacher. She not only taught me how to dance but built my confidence and passion for something greater than myself.

How It All Started…

My story with dance began three years ago. I chose dance as one of my school subjects without putting any thought into the decision. I had taken a few classes before but nothing serious. After the first class, I fell in love with everything about it. All I wanted was to dance. I couldn’t think of anything else. The next year I began taking more classes outside of school. I was a fifteen year old in a class with twelve and thirteen-year-olds and they were all amazing. Nothing was more discouraging. But I stuck with it and did extra dance at home in order to progress. And I did. I moved up a level in one year which was not common at my studio. This year I added, even more, hours totaling thirteen hours a week. I have never done anything that challenging. This past year was one of the hardest but greatest years of my life. I would usually come home from dance inspired and happy. However, this wasn’t always the case. Some days my toes would be so bloody and bruised that it hurt to walk. My muscles and bones would ache and I was always tired from the late classes. I remember being so frustrated with myself over the dance that I would break down and cry. I have never felt the pain that compared to points, balancing on one toe is not a comfortable feeling. I felt like such an idiot doing some of the dance steps as it did not come naturally. Dance did not come naturally what so ever. The positions, the steps, the timing, the stretching was all so hard for me. I remember seeing the posts online about how natural dance was and how natural it feels and laughing at them as I was having the exact opposite experience.

Efforts Pay Off!

However, all of these bumps have helped me grow. They pushed me to be better. I was motivated by the people in my class and by the dancer I wanted to be. And after time went on I realized that dance does feel natural. It was becoming second nature for me. I would dance as I walked and go over steps in my head all day. I realized that without these bumps I never would have improved. These challenges have made me more confident and have helped me truly appreciate dance. I dance for myself, not for anyone else. I dance because it helps me express myself because words don’t always come naturally. But dance always helps me through my emotions and communicate how I feel. I dance because I love it and at the end of the day nothing makes me happier.”

“The pleasure and sensation of accomplishment you feel at the end of each day can’t compare to anything else.”

The article is by Emma Taub, a 16-year-old who never stops pursuing what she loves despite challenges.

“If it’s still in your mind, it’s worth taking the risk.”

Passion drives you through all the difficulties you face on your journey to success, so “if it’s still in your mind, it’s worth taking the risk”. Don’t hesitate to chase after your dreams because your passion will guide you all the way there. Fear kills more success than failure does; just go for it and remember why you started! You only live once but if you live your own life, once is enough.

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