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“You Will Never Fail Until You Quit.”

You never fail until you quit
You never fail until you quit

The article was written by Beatrice Wild, a very dedicated HOYS champion. She echoes to what Lifétchen believes, and on this page, she shares her story of how she made it to her goals with determination. 

What does the term goal mean to you? And what is the first image that comes top your mind when you think of the word goal? Is it perhaps scoring a goal in a sport or is it setting a target that you want to achieve?

For me the first thoughts on the word goal are not one of those above, it’s a memory of a previous goal that I smashed.

I have been riding since I was 3 years old. Every year since the age of 5 my mother use to take me to watch “The horse Of The Year Show.” AKA HOYS.

The Journey Unfolds

In the equestrian world, Hoys is one of the most prestigious horse shows that every rider wish’s to ride at. Most riders travel around England to capture the qualification for HOYS. One Hoys Ticket is given out per class at each qualifying  competition,

Here is where my journey began; I was 7 years old when I started to compete for my pony professionally. My first pony that I attempted to qualify for HOYS was 12 hands show pony named Penry. Unfortunately, we tried so very hard to qualify but we never did. Yet we were so close. At 6 shows where we tried to qualify we came 2nd and was only a total of 2 points away from grabbing the ticket to ride at “Horse of the year show”.

When I was 8 years old I moved onto a new pony called Basil. His previous owner had already ridden him at HOYS. My goal was to qualify Basil for Hoys; I was so adamant that we would get there. At one show we had moved up to 2nd place (yet again) hoping that the winner had already qualified for HOYS, because if that was the case the ticket is given to the 2nd place. 2 years of hard work and traveling up and down England at days starting at 3 am in the morning and ending at 11 pm at night. We still had not achieved the ticket.

In the time of riding Basil, I was bought one of the most famous ponies in the showing circuit. His name was Mac and his show name Van Gogh. You could easily mistake Mac for an oil painting. He was so beautiful. At the age of 9, I started that long and tiring journey of trying to achieve the HOYS ticket.  Within a few months of having the privilege of competing mac we had already won a lot of shows and yet more were to come.

One morning my mother and I were up early, it was 3 am and we were preparing for a completion. We then had a 3-hour drive to Cheshire county show, this was another year of trying to qualify for HOYS.

We arrived at the show and I started to get ready and I began working mac in ready for the class. I felt very unhappy with the way we were going, mac was very excited and I was extremely nervous as I was dreading the thought of going home without a ticket.

Finally, it was time to go in the ring and perform. We were off to a great start mac eventually calmed down and my nerves had settled. All the other horses were going so well which meant we had to perform even better.

Now it was my turn to come out and perform, we did a great show and finished off with a superb gallop. I turned to look at my family; they seemed very impressed which meant I was off to a good start.

Then the not so fun part came, the next part o the competition was to show your horse off by running around on foot leading your horse. Even though mac is a very fast and jolly pony he is very lazy when it comes to me having to take the lead.

20 minutes later it was time for the placing’s and awards to be given out.

They announced the awards in reverse order. 8th place goes to ….. 7th place goes to… and so on.

Finally, they got to the top 3 and I was so sure by this point that we were going home without a ticket. But then they got to 2nd and then we waited for the announcement of the winner…

They called out my name. We did it !! I walked forward and I turned to look at my Mother and ill never forget her face.

I jumped off my pony’s back and gave him a hug like no other before. 4 years of trying. Just shows hard work, determination all pays off.  No matter how small or big your dream is, honestly I know this is cliché; “Just keep going because your dream shall unfold and open new doors to your life”.

You never fail until you quit

You never fail until you quit