behind lifetchen
Story of the Product

Behind Lifétchen

Behind Lifétchen, Let’s talk about myself. Behind Lifétchen is a teenager who have the eager to make a positive move on earth. Everything started in the summer of 2015, when I was 16 years old. Lifétchen is the brand that I created to spread my beliefs and to fulfill my dream. I am a high …


Speak Up!

“Have you ever had the feeling of not being able to speak up in front of people, even if they are your friends?” You might be afraid of how people judge you, that they might disagree or even ignore you, and so you have problems to speak up for yourself. You sort of accepted what …

dream big!

Dare to Dream Big

Dare to Dream BIG, the access to a different world. Personally, I’m a dreamer, and I have to tell you why I advocate people dare to dream big. Don’t take it wrong, there’s definitely a case when dreamers fall deeply since they take zero action. That’s not what we’re gonna discuss here. We say that dreaming …


Who Can Be the Leader?

From the beginning, there is a question: What is leadership? The first thing that comes into my mind is the image of outspoken, cheerful, and a professional public speaker, who definitely isn’t me, I thought. As our discussion got really intense, I heard an answer that stays in my mind for a while- leaders are …


Habits for Success- The Importance of Being On Time

What are habits for success? Habits are some little things you do constantly and usually, they impact your life dramatically. We all have read books titled like “10 Habits that Lead to Success”, “What Habits Rich People Have?”, or “Importance of developing good habits”. So, why people keep emphasizing the significance of good habits? Do …