Who Can Be the Leader?

IMG_2823From the beginning, there is a question: What is leadership?

The first thing that comes into my mind is the image of outspoken, cheerful, and a professional public speaker, who definitely isn’t me, I thought.

As our discussion got really intense, I heard an answer that stays in my mind for a while- leaders are the ones who change people’s lives. It is totally right! The famous leaders that I can think of are Steve Jobs, Hilary Clinton, Albert Einstein, etc. These are people who influence our lives so much and make everything so much easier.

There was a guy in my class who is a classically leader that everyone thinks of- outgoing, passionate, and the one who always answers all the questions. I was frustrated by how could I become a leader as well? I’m totally fine socializing and making friends in a new environment, and I’m confident enough to send a public speech. However, I can hardly be the one who decides for people and lead them to a certain way. I was depressed by the situation that I want to be but can’t be.

There are several theory of leadership, including Trait Theory, Behavioral Theory, Situational theory, and Transformational theory. I believed leaders have certain types of characters, in other words, leaders are born to lead people. However, I later on learnt that there are different types of leadership, and behavioral theory means that people become leader by their behavior. Thus, leadership is developed.

‘’Leaders are not necessarily those who speak louder but those who master in their fields and influence others positively.’’

At the end of the classes, a professor said something that caught my attention-Some leaders are very quiet but they still make significance on others. They are not typically outgoing but when it comes to things they have passion in, they work diligently and master it. Then people follow. This is how leaders become leaders.

Whenever you have the opportunity to have a conversation with someone cool, just go for it. You never know how you will be inspired and how much you will learn from a five minutes talk.

I came up to the professor and asked about my problems. I can’t be the one who always influence people’s decisions on where to eat or what to do, neither do I have the talent to gather people and guide the direction. Does it mean that I can’t be a good leader in my whole life?

Now I have my answer to the question- what is leadership? Leadership is a connection you create with people by contributing significantly in the field you are passionate in. I don’t have to be the type of people that I am not but I still can be a leader. There is no certain type of leader; you just have to find your own leadership style. The professor also told me not to underestimate myself, what she saw is a girl with confidence and positive energy, so never say no to yourself because you never know your own potential!




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