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Dare to Dream Big

IMG_2364Dare to Dream BIG, the access to a different world.

Personally, I’m a dreamer, and I have to tell you why I advocate people dare to dream big. Don’t take it wrong, there’s definitely a case when dreamers fall deeply since they take zero action. That’s not what we’re gonna discuss here. We say that dreaming will give you the access to a entirely different world that you never thought of (of course, since you’re too afraid to imagine what you could have). The idea is based on those who dare to dream big also dare to take action. Honestly, success is all about execution, dreaming is just the beginning (but also the key to ‘upgrade’!).

Upgrade Your Life- Start with Dreaming Big!

The concept is simple. You have a bigger vision and then you attempt to achieve it, finally after some hard work, there comes success.

So many books have illustrated the importance of  picturing an ideal future you want, which most of the crowd are afraid to- they don’t want to risk. Books such as “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” and “Think and Grow Rich” dedicated to change people’s mindset into the rich’s one. What’s the difference between these two mindsets? One follows the tradition and one dare to dream big and believe they can do it. The majority and the middle class follow the path they saw. They join the career their parents had, their relatives had, or their  friends. They think that’s the only choices they got. Ferrari, Chanel bags, Valentino shoes, most people won’t think about them even. Imagine you own all these things, imagine you become a billionaire and travel with your private jet. How sweet is it?

What You Can Think of Determines How Far You Can Go

Dare to dream big is the same idea as money blueprint. Your inner world decides what you achieve. If you don’t let you peek your possible,bright future and instead follow the world you’re familiar with, you’ll stuck in the tiny space forever-until you change your vision. Was Henry Ford satisfied with his farm life? Hell no! He had his dreams and he wanted them to come true- which he did and created one of the most influential industries. Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, and Andrew Carnegie didn’t have much formal education, yet they all have missions they want to accomplish. See what they ended up to be? The most successful people in their industry, right?

However, people tend to think dreamers are just whimsey fools, which I strongly disagree.

56UP- To Stay  or To Go?

Recently I saw a BBC video (click the word to visit the page)-56UP and realized the importance of dare to dream big, which then becomes the drive I decided to write this article. After 49 years, BBC documentary revisited the kids they interviewed when they were 7. The result showed that children who was born in the class stay in that class forever, and so do their kids. It seems the project was to discuss the social mobility, yet, as we watch the interviews, we will figure out something else.

It is the lack of motivation that keeps them in the same place. A girl born in a financially difficult family told BBC that in the future, she just wanted to work in the convenience store on the corner near their house. Of course I’ll say lack of resources makes it really hard to achieve yours goals, your dreams, but it is not impossible. The key factors to success are vision, execution, and perseverance.

It’s totally up to you, whether or not you want to change your life.

Let’s sum it up with one of my favorite quotes.

“Shoot the moon, and even if you fail, you will land among the brightest  stars.”

Dream Big+Execution=Success; Success-Execution=Day-Dreaming

Picture a young boy just got his new wings and was so excited to fly in the sky. He was so delighted that he started imagine his future. He would explore the  entire new world, he could show his friends, he would meet a beautiful girl, and he would…The life he dreamed was so perfect that he couldn’t help but kept thinking about it. The boy sat there years after years and did not try to fly. He was afraid of the new world. Decades passed. He didn’t use the wings and he died with his dream in his mind. What’s the difference with and without wings?

The point of this story is pretty clear. Despite dreaming big, you have to be focus and determined enough to pursue it!

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