Behind Lifétchen,

Let’s talk about myself. Behind Lifétchen is a teenager who has the eager to make a positive impact on Earth. Everything started in the summer of 2015 when I was 16 years old. Lifétchen is a brand that I created to spread my beliefs and therefore to fulfill my dream to change the world. Yes, it does sound cliché, but an attempt to make a positive influence rarely gets put into action, right? I am a high school student from Taiwan and my journey in the States began in 2014 when I first came to New York for my sophomore year.

Why Did I Start Lifétchen?

So why a 16-year-old has a business like this? A few years ago, when my father asked me about my plans for the future, I looked at the starry sky and knew that I would do something big. Something big enough to change people’s life, change the world, and leave a deep mark on earth. I want to be a game changer. With that in mind, I understood only by being an entrepreneur and building up my own empire can I really make some movements.

Core Values Behind Lifétchen

When I first had the idea of Lifétchen, I thought about what people are lack of nowadays. What characters do I have that can be spread to everyone and make a positive movement? Soon I discovered the unique trait of myself- the determination to success and the passion for constantly enriching myself. I bet all of you have had the amazing feeling when doing something that you love, and most importantly, something that makes you better.

When you learn and know that you’re getting closer to your goal, that sort of happiness is incomparable to having fun in nightclubs. We all have the potential to be successful and the desire to be achieve our dreams is the motive for us to grow constantly.

You must hear of Maslow Hierarchy before. On the very top is our desire to seek for the growth of self-actualization. I believe everyone, even the laziest kid in class, all have the desire to fulfillment. By raising this awareness and everyone’s motivation, our lives will be better, and there will be more positiveness around us! 


The first step of Lifétchen is the personalized phone cases. I am selling iPhone cases, with designs of Georgetown, where my idea of Lifétchen is initiated. My customers should come up with goals that they want to achieve and I will write them on the case. By having the goals on the phone case, buyers will be reminded over time they see the phones.

10% of your purchase will go to charity- breast cancer organization!

Get your own phone case now!

behind lifetchen

All pictures were taken by @bunheadmo, she’s amazing and she’s even younger than me. Her featured story will soon come out! xx00